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Categories: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing/Double Dragon Publishing | Date published: 03/10/2011


Imagine a world where children are made into monsters, dictators cheat death, and a line of deviant Amazon clones work to pacify and enslave whole populations. Then imagine this world found a way to invade yours. Jen has no idea of the other worlds of New Sulan where she comes face to face with blood thirsty Amazons, beasts that call themselves doctors and a populace of unwitting slaves who look to a deviant celebrity dominatrix to pacify their minds and pathetic lives. Joined by a sex starved, runaway clone with a personality disorder named Ella, Jen and Bea stumble across a plan to enslave the entire Universe when Bea's precious memory ball, a device that records everything he knows about a series of spacetime routes called the Prizm, is stolen. The plan is to utilize Bea's knowledge of Prizm port locations to unleash an army of genetically engineered werebears. This not only threatens the worlds of New Sulan, but also other worlds, like earth. Jen must choose to fight with Bea and Ella or return home and forget all about it. The answer seems obvious. Thus begins an adventure of a life time as Jen, Bea, and Ella slip through the space time routes of the Prizm to stop an evil that has no parallel anywhere in the Universe, growing up meanwhile.

Also Available from A. Michael Schwarz