Chasing Tail

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Categories: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Dark Fantasy
Publisher: Circlet Press | Date published: 01/18/2011


When the shapeshifter community of northern Arkansas is rocked by a string of disappearances, individuals aren't the only ones in danger. The entire community's way of life is in jeopardy, but this new threat brings some shifters together in ways they never expected. Alone, they are targets; together, they are strong. As they discover, the hardest part is finding the courage to let another person in. Through six linked erotic stories, Chasing Tail explores the realm between human and animal, order and chaos, civilization and nature--the realm to which shapeshifters belong. The characters learn, love, and lose as they navigate their wild, yet inescapably human society, in which nothing--politics, romance, sex--is simple.

Also Available from Julie Cox