Extreme Vengeance 2

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Categories: Erotica/BDSM Erotica
Publisher: Fiction4All/Fiction4All: FetishWorld | Date published: 02/28/2011


Imagine a vengeance so extreme that suicide seems the only escape; then remove that option. Make that vengeance all the sweeter, by not letting his prey know that she is the target. Think of a life so isolated that this woman welcomes the appearance of an adversary. How far can you bend a woman's reality, before she breaks? Exactly how much time and money will people invest to extract retribution? The answers, in this novel, are a very long way, many years and a fortune! Extreme Vengeance 2 continues where the original Extreme Vengeance left off, with Christine, its main heroine, feeling exceptionally happy with life. This story corrects that inappropriate situation, and then some. This is a psychological thriller, but the sexual action is prolonged, unusual and intense. It is mostly male domination of a female, plus some hot lesbian female domination of Christine.