Roan Of Ellan Vannin: Hearts of Ellan Vannin, Book Two

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Categories: Historical Fiction
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. | Date published: 10/23/2007


A knight sworn to serve his king will sacrifice all in his quest for love? Book Two in The Hearts of Ellan Vannin Trilogy A son born to an imprisoned Irish princess is hidden away in the orphanage of Rushen Abbey. The truth of his royal lineage, that he is sired of the notorious King Magnus, is kept a well guarded secret from his half-blood brothers. Roan dreams of becoming a knight and is possessed of a voice equally as enthralling as the fey, lovely Estelle Percy, the famed Songbird. They form a strong bond of friendship that becomes the foundation of an undeniable passion. Roan endures every sacrifice in his quest to win Estelle but she is whisked away from him repeatedly and soon it seems their love is hopeless and unattainable. When time reveals long hidden secrets that threaten to destroy the bonds of trust, and truth becomes a heavier burden to bear than lies?who will wear the crown and win the fair Estelle as queen?