The Train Ride Home

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Categories: Fantasy/Science Fiction
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing/Double Dragon Publishing | Date published: 02/07/2011


planning to ride a train home using a ticket his young secretary gives him. But it's hardly that simple. He barely makes it to the train, which stops at a station that was shut down half a century ago and has a conductor who is nine feet tall. It turns out to be some ride home, as mobsters get on the train and try to kill him there. Pete gets a magic sword from a stranger and manages to escape into a fantasy realm along the way, where he winds up working for a kingdom and falling in love with Princess Red, though she is betrothed to a possessive prince. It's wild throughout as Red's twin sister, Princess Blue, seems interested in Pete, and enemies galore try to take him out. After several years he has to flee to the train again and finally get home, where one more paradoxical surprise awaits him, tying the whole thing together.

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