Swamp Witch

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Categories: Mainstream/Dark Fantasy
Publisher: Club Lighthouse Publishing USA LLC/Club Lighthouse Publishing | Date published: 01/31/2011


A young woman is rescued from an attempt by her poacher father to drown her in a Florida swamp by a mysterious woman alleged to have magical powers. Fearful at first, the young woman learns to trust the secretive woman who has chosen to hide out in the depths of a hostile environment. The younger women returns to civilization to claim the farm her father would have stolen from her and to build a relationship with the man she has loved since they were children. The initial encounter between the two women triggers a series of events in which reveal the poacher father's other illegal activities and a plot to destroy the mysterious swamp woman and her family all of whom have magical powers. The young couple, recently married, take on the people who would have destroyed their friends and, with the help of Federal officials, break up a weapons smuggling operation. After the operation mostly succeeds, they return home knowing they will be called once again to deal with the remnants that escaped.