The Colossus Crisis

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Categories: Science Fiction/Suspense/Thriller
Publisher: Club Lighthouse Publishing USA LLC/Club Lighthouse Publishing | Date published: 11/30/2010


In the year 2214 there is a cold war between the United States and the Islamic Republic of Europe. A space cruise ship, The Colossus, is hijacked by a terrorist group known as The Islamic Dawn terrorists with the intention of crashing it into Washington to effectively destroy the United States so the Islamic Republic of Europe can conquer the world. They decide to hijack the ship when all its passengers are in the observation lounge to watch Halley's Comet, which is in the inner solar system at this time. However, two passengers, Josh Sessnoft and Kelly Ju aren't in the observation lounge at the time of the hijacking. It's up to them to stop the terrorists' plot. Kelly uses her phone to call the Pentagon. But, their contact is initially unconvinced of the veracity of the story. They need to convince the United States government that this isn't a prank. So, they decide to try to capture the bridge so they can send a message from there. A message from the bridge would mean that they're telling the truth because there would be no way they could do it if they weren't. Josh and Kelly manage to acquire guns from terrorists and get into firefights with the terrorist on more than one occasion. Ultimately they capture the bridge and send a message from it. The terrorists try to kill them numerous times but fail. However, they are eventually captured. The president sends Delta Force, which rescues the passengers and crew except for Josh and Kelly. They have been taken aboard an escape pod with the terrorist leader, three of his compatriots, one of whom is badly wounded and unconscious, the ship's doctor and the infirmary receptionist. With the ship's doctor's help, Josh manages to knock out a terrorist and take his sonic blaster. He enters the cockpit. But, he has a problem, a sonic blast would blow out the windshield in the cockpit and depressurize the escape pod. The terrorist leader grabs his own sonic blaster and swings it toward Josh. Josh kicks it out of his hand and it discharges, blowing out the windshield. The two terrorists in the cockpit get sucked out into space. Josh grabs hold of the doorway and manages to stay in the cockpit. Kelly orders one of the robots to pull Josh back into the passenger cabin and close to door to the cockpit, thereby saving themselves...

Also Available from Joshua Lawrence Rivetz