Begging and Pleading

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: Solstice Publishing | Date published: 02/06/2011


Foolishly making a wager with her brother to prove that no man could remain faithful to a woman for long Shayleen realizes the moment she meets the man that he stirs her senses. Soon the bet no longer mattered and acting daringly she goes to him and begs and pleads for him to make love to her. After one night of rapturous passion she knows she can't continue to see him, if she does she would lose more than her virginity to him. The moment he met his friends little sister all Ryland could think of is steamy hot sex, wild and rapturous. When she threw down the gauntlet to him he took it up most eagerly and even though he knew he could never touch this woman he still intended to take some pleasure. What man wouldn't the woman was pure sex. However all his good intentions to keep his hands of her died the moment she boldly enters his study wearing nothing but her cape. After taking her to bed and after the most sensual experience of his life proved himself right that making love to her was everything he imagined wild, hot, sex.