Dust Bunnies Ate My Socks

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Categories: Humor/General Nonfiction
Publisher: Uncial Press | Date published: 02/18/2011


Dust bunnies multiply like?well, like rabbits. And after you read this book, you'll know why. You'll also learn many practical uses for these dusty denizens of the regions beneath the bed and the couch. This book offers hints for housekeeping-challenged bachelors that will help them with cleaning, cooking and entertaining. Even with dating and trying to "get around all the bases." But it's all written with the authors' tongues planted firmly in their cheeks. There's actually a little bit of legitimately helpful advice in here, but mostly the authors play it for laughs?and succeed. If your bachelor pad has spaghetti stains on the walls, blue cheese in the fridge that started its life as cheddar, or souvenirs (bra, panties, or condom wrappers) of your last conquest lurking under the sofa cushions--or if your funnybone simply needs exercise--you need this book. And if your favorite brother, buddy, boss, or other wife-deficient male is struggling with the housekeeping problems that confront all single men, he needs this book. So be a friend and gift him with it. A great present for all the single men you know (including yourself, if you're male and solo-ing through life). Indispensible for single women who want to be prepared for the tricks men play. Got a sense of humor? Get this book!