Assassin Master

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Categories: Erotica/Romance
Publisher: Whispers Publishing | Date published: 02/04/2011


The world belonged to Carrie. She was ranked highest in her class at university and had her sights set on a bright future. In a moment of deception by a man she stops to assist with what she believes is a medical emergency, her dreams are shattered.

The man drugs Carrie and whisks her away to a cabin in a remote area, where she refuses to eat or drink for days. Seeing her opportunity for freedom, Carrie escapes and struggles to survive in the dense forest. Her abductor follows, with the help of a powerful assassin friend who specializes in tracking. Carrie is soon found, dangling precariously over a steep cliff leading to jagged rocks below.

In desperation, Carrie offers the only special gift she has to the assassin who has conditionally extended his aid: her virginity. However, the man, Tyr, has another agenda. His only concern is to get Carrie well to prepare her for sale, as he now claims half of her belongs to him and he should profit as well. He accepts her offer, intending only to aid his friend. Yet, he unwillingly comes to care for her after a perilous bout with pneumonia almost kills Carrie and he is forced to care for her while she clings desperately to life?and to him.