Eyes in the Sky

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Categories: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing/Double Dragon Publishing | Date published: 01/26/2011


Planet Eos: a strange, totalitarian planet locked in a cycle of self destruction where everyone is chipped, monitored, scanned, and forced to adhere to the one true religion of 'Mother Madea' - or else receive 'treatment' at the medical facility known as 'The Ranch'.

Into this crashes a humble alien, Mujav, a man on a mission to save the planet from itself -- a task rendered almost impossible by dogma, fear, prejudice, and the fact that Mujav looks strikingly similar to the locals, hence no one believes he's an alien.

Eyes in the Sky is a story of a planet's transformation. Just the presence of Mujav directly conflicts with the religious, military and the political infrastructure of Eos, and any citizen assisting in Mujav's global paradigm shift will face heavy consequences -- but none more so than Mujav, who faces a sentence of death for speaking the truth. Yet strangely, this may even be his goal?