One Night Only

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Categories: Erotica/Multicultural-Interracial Erotica/Romance
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing | Date published: 10/21/2010


Maleeya Benson is a Staff Sergeant in the Air Force and perfectly content. She has an education, a good job, and even owns a condo on the beach. She has all these things at the expense of a social life. However, when one of her coworkers decide to have a club crawl for a going-away party, Lee agrees to go just so she can let Logan Wentz know exactly how she's feels about him. His divorce is pending and Lee sees this one night out as her opportunity. Easier said than done! If Lee can get some privacy from her coworkers, keep an eye on her drunken best friend, and show Logan that she can be more than a friend. Maybe the night will come out the way she hopes or maybe not, are you ready to find out?