All Our Yesterdays

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Categories: Romance/Fantasy
Publisher: New Concepts Publishing | Date published: 12/01/2005


Captive of an ancient curse, Astrid must journey through the ages, through deceit and betrayal, to find true love and break the curse.... Egypt.... When the touch of an ancient Egyptian necklace hurtles her back through time into the turbulent life of another woman, she discovers the trap holding her spirit captive.... Babyon.... When Astrid touches an ancient Babylonian necklace, she's thrust into the the life of a priestess in the temple of Marduke. When the temple is captured by an Assyrian warrior, he claims all inside as his own ... including her. Britain.... The heat between Astrid and Duncan becomes incandescent. When she finds a pair of Viking gold medallions, she re-lives her life as Starr, daughter of a village headman about to be forced into marriage with a man she doesn't like or trust. Her flight sends her into the arms of Ragnar, a Viking. Eight realms await her. Eight chances to redeem herself and break the curse holding her spellbound...perhaps for eternity.... Rating: Contains graphic sexual content and language.