Black Satin Confessions

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Categories: Erotica/Multicultural-Interracial Erotica/Romance
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing | Date published: 08/12/2010


SHE, IR Confession BW/WM SHE is Lyria Grayson. After leaving an abusive relationship, Lyria became a Pulitzer Prize winning author. While hosting a book signing, she met and married wealthy Ezra Westbrook. Although she has everything she wants, the past still haunts her. The house where her torture occurred still stands. She vowed that one day she would return and burn it to the ground. Finally, that day has arrived. IR Confessions Contemporary. Empress LaBlaQue BW/WM My Italian Vendetta, IR Confession BW/WM Mayor Ruben Barrett was one of the youngest and brightest mayors of all times. But, Ruben had a crippling disability. Although married, he just couldn't conduct business with his pants on. If Nedra could shoot him and plead temporary insanity, she would. Caught in a Spider's Web, IR Confession, BW/WM Vestal Davis has a terrible crush on her supervisor, Cason Bridges. Cason does not realize Vestal exists until he uses her to make his ex-girlfriend jealous. Educating Kristin, IR Confession, Horror N/A Rating Kristin Brady is a beautiful and innocent college freshman, just perfect for Professor Perry's class experiment. When Kristin can't make a passing grade in her psychology class, she discovers that Professor Perry has been conditioning her in a sex for grades experiment.