Drive Me Mad

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: Solstice Publishing/Solstice Publishing | Date published: 01/31/2011


All Nash thought he needed to do is see his prisoner behind bars and his bounty hunting days would be over. After that, he intended to give a man a well deserved beating and demand that he stop writing those damn dime novels about him. Then at long last, he could return home and start work on his ranch. However, when he came face to face with the writer he so much wanted to pulverize all he wanted to do was take the nearly naked woman to the nearest bed. Quickly he came to realize the woman would be nothing but trouble and if he was smart he would get as far away from her as quickly as he possibly could. The warning screamed loudly in his head but like a dumb fool, he ignored it. He went chasing after her and of all things to happen he would either have to marry her or spend a month locked up in jail with her. When finding out the gorgeous stranger is her hero and the character of her books Jamison could not have been happier. Even though she was a little disappointed her description of him did not match, she shrugged it aside. When he demanded that she could never write about him again could not hide disenchantment. Even though she might be unhappy with him when he was injured in a shoot out, she takes him home to care for him.