Cat Callahan: Private Eye The Case of the Missing Airhead

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Categories: Mystery/Crime/Humor
Publisher: DiskUs Publishing | Date published: 01/17/2011


Who is that mysterious woman? One minute she looks nine months pregnant with a odd sort of antenna extending from her all-too-tall red beehive? The next she's looking decidedly out of place in a strip joint dressed as a nun. A better question for Charlie is--just why does she seem to turn up everywhere he is? It's almost as if she were following him. And Charlie just doesn't need the kind of distractions this mysterious woman creates as he races to save his family's legacy. When Cat Callahan takes on her first big case for the private investigation firm she inherited from her father, she's got more than dad's reputation to live up to--she needs to solve this case to keep the agency in business. Dad was a great P.I. but a lousy businessman. The Simpson diamond collection has disappeared right along with Amber Taylor--vanished without a trace. The only clue to its whereabouts is shady businessman Lamont Lewis--a dark man with darker secrets, who vowed to possess it and Amber. Yet, every time Cat gets close to Lamont this incredibly gorgeous guy seems to get in the way. Is he one of Lewis' henchmen? Or an innocent bystander who simply creates not-so-innocent fantasies for Cat?