Whispers Out of Yesteryear

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Categories: Mainstream
Publisher: DiskUs Publishing | Date published: 01/10/2011


During the French and Indian War, Willow Who Weeps' village is destroyed by a band of hostile braves led by Rene Du Barri. Joined by an English friend, Jonathan Reed, Willow Who Weeps searches for the Frenchman. Vengeance will be hers for not only has he destroyed her home but he drove her sister to kill herself. Instead of slaying Du Barri, Willow Who Weeps is killed but she vows to follow Du Barri to the spirit world and beyond. Jonathan is left to raise their two children alone and settles near the place Willow Who Weeps died. Awakened by a cry, "Not the children," Willow Carey is frightened by the return of a dream that began at Indian's Sorrow, a house she inherited from her aunt. This inheritance has caused a rift with her twin sister, Brooke. She learns about the death of her father and step-mother and though she doesn't want to go, leaves for Indian's Sorrow to take charge of her young half-sister and brother. The dreams began at Indian's Sorrow and Reid Talbot, the man she loved now lives there with his family. She has never forgotten him. Reid, not a widower hasn't forgotten her. Slowly they learn to trust each other again. The dreams begin again and Reid also dreams. On the day of the funeral, Brooke and her fiance, Barry Dubois arrive. Willow takes an instant dislike to this man. He wants the land and is willing to do most anything to obtain the deed. Willow and Reid must learn what their dreams mean before the whispers from yesteryear destroy their new found happiness.