For A Roman's Heart

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. | Date published: 01/04/2011


His scarred soul knows no vulnerability--except her touch. Trapped between cruel parents and the need to hide her gift of second sight from suspicious villagers, Adrenia Tertia Brigomalla walks a line as thin as the threads she weaves. The need for independence burns fierce in her heart, but not as hot as her unexpected attraction to a Roman soldier who comes to the village in search of a deserter. Though hardened by war, Centurion Terentius Marius Atellus defies any man to harm an innocent. Nothing shakes his relentless determination to track down a murderous legionnaire with a taste for young women. Yet Adrenia's spirit and vulnerability spark a protective instinct stronger than duty‚?¶and temptation that could be his downfall. Fragile trust built on stolen kisses and a premonition saves his life and drives his offer of the ultimate protection--marriage. While she revels in the feral passion he awakens within her, Adrenia would sooner brave the fires of Hades than trade one yoke for another. It's a decision that could leave them both dangling above a precipice they may not survive‚?¶ Warning: Searing passion meets gritty reality of Roman life. Trespass only if you dare‚?¶