Murder and Mint Tea [Book 1 of the Katherine Miller Mysteries]

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Categories: Mystery/Crime
Publisher: DiskUs Publishing | Date published: 01/03/2011


Katherine Miller has retired from two careers, one as a nurse and the other as a church organist. Though the has no desire for a third career, she may be forced to take become a detective. Her latest tenant has brought trouble to the neighborhood. When Rachel's body is found in Katherine's garden she recognizes the murder weapon and knows any of her near and dear could be the killer. She refuses to accept that a friend or relative could be a killer and seeks to find the culprit. Katherine Miller Mysteries Join Katherine Miller, a retired nurse and retired church organist as she finds a new and unwanted career as a solver of mysteries. From her tenant being murdered to the new charismatic church organist, to members of her dear friend Lars' family to her stint undercover in an exclusive nursing home she takes on the challenge.