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Categories: Horror/Fantasy
Publisher: Eternal Press/Damnation Books LLC/Damnation Books | Date published: 12/01/2010


Where do you run when there's evil on all sides? Just when you thought home renovation couldn't be a bigger headache, along comes an apparent haunting and a crazy supernatural cult. Martin, Chloe, Ivan, and Olivia are four arty friends who have bought and renovated an old house once owned by a magician who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. But no sooner have they slapped on the last lick of paint than trouble starts brewing: First come the nightmares, suggesting there might be something lurking behind the walls that isn't insulation. Then comes the parade of strange, empty-eyed people who want to get into the house. As the story progresses, the nightmares get worse, finally leading to a bizarre discovery in the bowels of the house; and then the strange people begin to multiply, eventually threatening the lives and sanity of the four heroes and their friends. It all leads up to a confrontation between the dueling forces plaguing the house from within and without -- but who are the good guys when both sides appear evil? Excerpt: Her body was vaguely woman-like, in the sense that it possessed two arms, two legs, and a suggestion of breasts. But the overall impression was bestial, monstrous, a cruel afterthought of creation. Her pale skin was cracked and plated, like that of an albino crocodile, and what hair she had looked green with mold, hanging about her face in twisted wisps. And her face? Martin couldn't even begin to imagine what had happened, what unspeakable coupling between beast and demon had produced a visage so hideous. All that he could really focus on were those eyes, twin white specks amid the abomination of her features. Within those round white embers there glowed the light of intelligence, of cunning--but also of madness.

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