Staplegun Logic: More Inhuman Resources

by K. K
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Categories: Horror
Publisher: Black Bed Sheets Books/BLACK BED SHEETS BOOKS | Date published: 12/20/2010


"CLICK HERE" to enter MAD new worlds of TERROR! You've just won a month's stay at the world's most futuristic hotel. Everything's included, except for exits...and food. Well, there's always your fellow guests... You've been locked up in a madhouse for murdering your wife. Only you know that your 'fantasy girls' killed her, and they're only real when they want to be... You're too old to live, too scared to die? No problem! The Recyclers will make you a new body. Just make sure you read the fine print on the warranty... You've been declared an Enemy of the State by the Ugandan Government, but you've been given a chance to redeem yourself. All it will take is a lot of guts, and a sledgehammer... You've just met the girl of your dreams, but her best friend has your nightmares waiting in the wings... And over THIRTY new worlds of MAYHEM await you From the Author of CLOWNWHITE & INHUMAN RESOURCES!

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