Persuasion (Coscom Blue Banner Classics)

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Categories: Classic Literature/Romance
Publisher: Coscom Entertainment | Date published: 11/26/2010


Anne Elliot fell in love with Frederick Wentworth when she was young and the two got engaged. However, persuaded by Lady Russell, Anne broke off the engagement with the penniless Frederick, the hope being someone more affluent would come along.

Now, eight years later, Anne is still alone, when lo and behold Frederick re-enters her life. But this man is no longer the poor man she once knew, but instead has amassed a considerable sum capturing enemy vessels during the war. The problem is Frederick's feelings for her have changed and as he spends time with the Musgrove girls, speculation arises as to which one Frederick will ask to marry him.

To separate herself from the discomfort of having her ex-fiance around, Anne chooses to spend time with her nephews until Louisa Musgrove is hurt and Anne tends to her.

Is Anne's kindness enough to reawaken Frederick's affections for her, or will it be too late as her ex-fiance is swept away by a woman of more resolve?

Persuasion is a classic story by novelist Jane Austen and loved by readers everywhere.