Second Helpings: Table for Two, Book Two

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Categories: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. | Date published: 11/30/2010


Compromise is not a dirty word. Table for Two, Book 2 French chef Luc Tessier once thought his world-class cooking skills--and cleaver-sharp ability to strike sexual sparks--had won him the ultimate prize. The heart of his beautiful English boyfriend, food critic Daniel Sheridan. Little did he know the battle had only just begun. And now his most formidable foe has just shown up on their doorstep. Daniel's mother. With Daniel still firmly in the closet and determined to stay, the chance that Luc will get laid any time soon is deflating faster than a failed souffle. Daniel has learned to deal with Luc's natural arrogance and domineering tendencies. What he can't handle are the repercussions, real and imagined, of coming out before he's ready. Hence his nightmare task of juggling his nosy mother and his horny lover under the same roof. Seven days is a long time for anyone to be on his best behaviour, much less a Frenchman who's only a touch away from one desperate goal--his lover's bed. But getting what he wants could come at too great a cost. Daniel's trust. Warning: Take one hot French chef and mix thoroughly with his even hotter English partner. Season well with ego, frustration and denial. Add a liberal dash of mother-in-law and watch the sparks fly.