Project Mendel

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Categories: Horror/Science Fiction
Publisher: Highland Press/Futuristic/Sci-Fi | Date published: 01/02/2010


The seizure stopped. Hoisting Sadie into his arms, Jackson stumbled to the bathroom. He laid her limp form onto the cold tile. The dog nipped the bottom of his pant leg, growling. "Get off, King!" Turning on the shower, lukewarm, like his mother had done a thousand times for him in his eighteen years, he eased Sadie into the tub. "How do you do this, Mom?" he whispered. "Living with the fear all the time? I'm never having kids." King growled low in his throat. He sniffed at Jackson and his hackles rose. "What is this? It's me, boy." Sniffing again, the dog whined, apprehensive. Opening the closet, Jackson whipped out medicines in search of one for fever, chucking out bottles, left and right behind him. The dog yelped. Shrill and scared. King's head was dipped into the tub, as he stole a drink from the running shower stream. The Labrador's muscles tremored. His legs splayed out beneath him and he flopped to the tile, shaking like mad. Hurtling forward, Jackson grabbed the dog. Electricity shot up his arms as he pulled with all his might, trying to disconnect the dog from the tub's current. Wrenching his hands off, he broke contact, and the shocking sensation ceased. King lay convulsing beside the tub. Unconscious, but alive. Spinning spirals of black and red, compounded with the smell of seared flesh, roiled his stomach. Dread wrapped around his heart. His chest heaved, and his hands automatically started shaking. He willed himself forward, dream-like, almost too terrified to pull back the curtain. He sucked in a breath. Sadie's eyes glowed; alabaster-luminous spots in her head. A blue bolt of electricity crackled, traveling from her head to her feet, before it extinguished. He watched, helpless. Her eyes darkened by degrees until they were liquid brown again. "Where am I, Jackson?" she said groggily.