Saint Alba's Jawbone

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Categories: Historical Fiction/Romance
Publisher: Eternal Press/Damnation Books LLC/Eternal Press | Date published: 11/07/2010


A vow of silence to atone for a slip of the tongue. After witnessing a violent domestic dispute, Jack is entrusted with the task of escorting Clara to the order of St. Alba's Jawbone. Their journey comes to a halt when they are coerced into stopping at Godwick, where Jack takes up residence in his old master's house. In her last days of freedom, while Clara waits to enter the silent order, she befriends the fearful apprentice boy, nurses the ailing but lecherous master Dermot, and coyly avoids the advances of the dashing Sheriff of Godwick, for Clara has eyes only for Jack. But it seems his head is turned by an old flame of his, a woman determined to see that Clara becomes a bride of Christ, rather than Jack's wife. Thrust into opposing teams as the day of the pilgrim march nears, will Clara and Jack speak of their love for each other, or will they bow to social pressure and let the surging crowds of Godwick sweep them further and further apart? Excerpt: "You are no longer a child of mine! Get out of these fine things my alliance with your stepmother brought you. Get out!" Jack stared at his hands and stared at his hands--his closed, white-knuckled hands--while Cedron paced the floor. "She's no fit daughter of mine! I want her dead! If I could rip her tongue from her mouth and tear it to pieces and leave her speechless for all eternity, so I would. I'll?yes!" cried Cedron, "That's it! Worse than death, worse than a life in the gutter--a punishment for Clara nothing short of a living hell: a life of silence. What was that convent you spoke of?" He waited for Jack's answer. "What was it?!" "The Convent of St Alba's Jawbone, Master Cedron." "Aye, she's to go there! You take her for me, lad. As one last duty to your good master, deliver the girl to her well-deserved fate."