The Anniversary Present

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Categories: Erotica/Menage Erotica/Romance
Publisher: Total-e-bound | Date published: 07/05/2010


Book three in the Gifts of Desire Series Amanda and Tom travel to England to celebrate Sabrina and Mark's anniversary and discover Amanda may be carrying a surprise for all of them. Amanda's sense of financial stability is threatened when her husband, Tom, loses his job shortly before they travel to England to celebrate Mark and Sabrina's anniversary. The stress of Tom's unemployment affects their sex life and Amanda's health, especially when she suspects she may be pregnant and worries they won't be able to afford a baby. When Tom's impotency is cured his first night with Sabrina, Amanda withdraws further into herself until Mark draws her out with his loving attention. Tempers flare as the two couples struggle to deal with jealous feelings. Through it, they learn that being a member of this unconventional foursome is the best gift of all.