Enslaved Book III: The Gladiators

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Categories: Erotica/Erotic Science Fiction/Romance
Publisher: New Concepts Publishing | Date published: 07/01/2010


The only thing worse than finding herself in the harem of the hideous fish-man that had bought her, Loren found out, was discovering what he really had in mind. His gladiators, to his mind, needed incentive to fight more savagely and dangling her under their noses, he was certain, was just the thing to inspire them. What luck to arrive just as the Hirachi--his best and fiercest warriors--went into spawning! And what a terrifying thrill for her to find herself the object of the affections of three seven foot, yellow skinned aliens built like tanks--Kael, Dakaar, and Balen--all at the same time! Rating: Carnal/erotic. Multiple sexual partners. Adult situations and language. Genre: Futuristic Romance.