Suspicion of Innocence

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Categories: Mystery/Crime
Publisher: E-Reads/E-Reads | Date published: 01/01/1994


Gail Connor and Anthony Quintana make a combustible mix on many levels. Passionately attracted to each other on a personal level, they are equally passionate defenders of their clients even when their interests don't always work in tandem. Set all this against the sultry background of a Miami that is riddled with crime and corruption, drowning in drugs, illegal immigrants and shady deals, simmering with a melting-pot clash of cultures and you have a recipe for highly entertaining, hotly explosive crime and justice. In the first title in the Suspicion series, SUSPICION OF INNOCENCE, Gail Conner is a fast-rising attorney in a major law firm, about to make partner--until her life is derailed by the discovery of her sister's murdered body and the quick revelation that Gail is the prime suspect. Gail must fight for her life as she gets a first-hand look at the dark underside of the legal system.