Dark Currents [Elementals, Book 1]

by Mima
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Categories: Erotica/Paranormal Erotica/Romance
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. | Date published: 08/17/2010


It's not every day a woman faces down the bitch who owns her man's soul. Elementals, Book 1 Xia is sick and tired of having her ass served to her every bloody night. Exhausted, she soldiers on, working the Scottish dream beat alone, seeking to identify those who plot to awaken Aqua, one of the four slumbering elements. Should Aqua fully open her eyes, she won't be happy until she picks her teeth with the bones of the last human on earth. When an assassin tags Xia, her new guardian arrives--a seal shifter linked to the very element she fears. Adam is certain that Markos, Xia's boss and sometimes lover, is putting her in unnecessary danger. But Xia has tasted the inhuman cruelty that is Aqua and will do anything to stop her, even relive a terrifying, perilous spell. Now that Adam has been assigned to protect her witchy spirit wanderings, Xia has to trust him. It isn't his power or ability she's uneasy about, but the fact he'll have to take all the pain meant for her. Then the Chamber ruthlessly deploys Xia and Adam in a dangerous ritual. Adam can protect her body and defend her mind?but nothing can safeguard her from the backlash of the world-changing knowledge she discovers. Warning: This adventure is blatantly Scottish and dives into save-the-world sex with two of the hunkiest magical men you'll ever meet.