Spunk Rats

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Categories: Erotica/Fetish Erotica
Publisher: loveyoudivine | Date published: 07/23/2010


Eleven tales of sex and obsession: Spunk Rat (noun) (Australian slang): An attractive person (usually male). Horny Aussie spunk rat Steve is always on the prowl for other hot and horny men for rugged one-on-one sex and group action in his pursuit of the elixir of life: manjuice. These eleven short adventures see him take on a negligent Mauritian building worker, a young twink he picks up in the gutter, the hottest man in the universe, a wank caller when he's trying desperately to get to the airport, a nubile young sex worker on a fire escape, a porn star in a San Francisco cinema, a trainee chef with more than time on his hands, a young drug addict he meets in a sex shop, a gondolier who has a unique method of extracting payment, and an exhibitionist he meets under a streetlight. But when he brings home the man of his dreams only to be rejected in favour of his boy friend, Steve is reduced to voyeurism.