Opals and Rubies

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Categories: Mainstream
Publisher: Wings ePress, Inc. | Date published: 07/01/2010


Tommy McClure, the nastiest man in Sevierville, is dying. No one denies it, especially his dead daddy Big Ray, a renegade soul recently escaped from the blackness of The In Between. He gives Tommy an ultimatum--change his miserable ways or earn himself a ticket straight to Hell. Ruby doesn't know what to make of the new and improved Tommy. In her entire thirty years of life, no one has ever treated her with a speck of kindness. When Tommy suggests they take in an abandoned orphan by the name of Opal she is stumped. After some deep soul searching, she takes the plunge and decides to trust him. Opal comes home with them right before the holidays and they soon discover that her presence is leading them into a darker place filled with more questions than answers?

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