The Annunaki Enigma Armageddon 2010

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Categories: Science Fiction/Dark Fantasy
Publisher: Club Lighthouse Publishing USA LLC/Club Lighthouse Publishing | Date published: 06/30/2010


Somewhere near the end of the year 2012 world governments are on the precipice of all out war. The United States has become a socialist state -- a part of a "One World Order". The global economies are falling apart and there is an effort to correct a pseudo-scientific theory that the world is suffering from global warming brought on by the industrial countries. The politicians have attempted to create a significant revenue source by correlating the warming theory to the burning of carbon-based fuels. A carbon tax is invented and those in power are pleased. This adds further injury to the failing world economies. As this cataclysmic series of events further destroys the once vigorous monetary systems of the world, healthcare in the United States becomes state run. National pride there begins wane and physicians leave their practices. A once enlarging group of senior citizens begins to dwindle as a result of the effects of government panels assign to assure "financial expediency" in the allowing of certain medications, procedures and studies. In reality this creates Death Panels. In December the world is alerted to the arrival of a group of extra-terrestrials who claim to be our Creators. They are angered by our state of affairs and recognize our need for a new form of energy which they share with us. They only allow governments that have been in compliance with the original laws handed down to Moses to use this new energy. This angers the other nations. A group known as the Annunaki or errant angels arrives and foments the mixture to the boiling point which explodes over the nation of Israel. Several battles develop which culminate in a nuclear explosion over a mound known as Har Megiddo in that nation. The Creator releases the Seven Seals of Revelation and ultimately subdues the rogue nations and captures the Annunaki. The biblical prophesies are fulfilled and the world accepts the consequences and is rewarded with one thousand years of peace.

Also Available from E. Gaylon McCollough, Symm H. McCord