Meeting of the Minds: Short Stories of Robert Sheckley, Volume 1

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Categories: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Publisher: Wonder Audiobooks, LLC/Wonder eBooks | Date published: 06/07/2010


Robert Sheckley (July 16, 1928 -- December 9, 2005) was a Hugo- and Nebula-nominated American author. First published in the science fiction magazines of the 1950s, his numerous quick-witted stories and novels were famously unpredictable, absurdist and broadly comical. Sheckley was given the Author Emeritus honor by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America in 2001. Included in this collection are nine of some of his best stories written in the 1950s. Includes the following stories: MEETING OF THE MINDS, THE LEECH, UNTOUCHED BY HUMAN HANDS, WARRIOR RACE, SHAPE, WRITING CLASS, SEVENTH VICTIM, COST OF LIVING, and THE LAST WEAPON