Valley of Love

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Categories: Romance/Mainstream
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing | Date published: 09/03/2009


When Illinois antiques dealer Erica Phillips inspects choice property overlooking Sequatchie Valley in eastern Tennessee, inherited from a father she never knew existed, she finds scientist Mike Callahan camped there to study unique, soon-to-be-hatched fireflies. She must sell the property to afford a new business location at home, but he "freaks out" the day they meet when a condo builder makes her an offer. Miffed, she tells him, "If I have my way, this place will be sold within the week. And, Mr. Callahan, I will have my way!" That's all in the first chapter. The book shows their romantic ups and downs as they battle over the land's use, identify and solve a murder, realize their love is forever, and end their battles in a heart-warming way.