Second Chance: Warlord of Ifrequeh

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Categories: Science Fiction/Mainstream
Publisher: Club Lighthouse Publishing USA LLC/Club Lighthouse Publishing | Date published: 03/28/2010


Justin Imperiale will need to fly a grav sled down the great river of the South Continent. He suspects that Lord Vorell may have created a special crop for a tribe called Chachapoya and perhaps for other tribes. The Chachapoya were driven from their homeland and now want to return. Justin tricks the Association of Nations into setting up support depots for the return of the Chachapoya so that Justin can explore the great river for signs of Lord Vorell's bounty. While Justin waits, he sets up trade between his mountain crest Empire and the rest of Corin. War then brews in an Old World South Continent called Ifrequeh. There's a Temple of Vorell in Ifrequeh that supposedly contains one of the scrolls that Justin is seeking. He decides to involve himself in the war in Ifrequeh, in order to possibly acquire another scroll. Justin travels to Ifrequeh, along with several Commandos and six grav sleds. The grav sleds are fitted with fake wooden wings and noisemakers to resemble giant vampire bats. The fake vampire bats scatter the mobs that threaten to conquer the South of Ifrequeh and the armies of the South are then able to deal with the remnants of the mobs. During the attack of the mobs, Justin acquires, for safe keeping, the scroll he seeks from the High Priest of a Temple of Vorell that comes under attack. With the help of Norva Lemni, Justin then gets food and medical shipments headed North to help the people whom the mobs looted. He then forces a Warlord, responsible for at least some of the mobs into a spear fight. Justin then uses the results of the spear fight to recruit a tribe call Ngoba to seize a government arms depot in Zimboja. With the Ngoba in control of the depot, the political situation is balanced with several tribes too evenly matched for a war to be profitable. However, there is a second Warlord and he sends a 'leopard man' to kill Justin. Justin uses the situation to his advantage. He then learns, through an Ngoba Chief, that there's a large gold mine in the North of Zimboja. Justin then manages to convince the Prime Minister of Zimboja to grant him the mining concession, in return for solving problems at the mine. Justin and Ngoba warriors then seize the mine. Justin then becomes involved with a sisterhood organization, in which at least the leaders have paranormal powers. The gaining of the paranormal powers came about due to a visit by a white man, almost certainly Lord Vorell. With information gained from the sisterhood, Justin then disposes of the remaining Warlord. Justin still has his second chance!