Rustler's Revenge

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Categories: Historical Fiction/Romance
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press | Date published: 04/01/2010


Matt Harper had simple wants: a small spread; a few cattle; Sarah, the woman he loved; a son; and a peaceful life. In the foothills of Colorado in the autumn of 1887 he almost had them. But, because of one mistake, with a cattle rustler, he lost all except his ranch. Twenty years later he got Sarah back. Now he would lose her again because of her son John's hate for him. Maybe that was proper considering that he was in the posse that killed her husband, Seth Barnett, Matt's best friend, and because of the lies he had told about Seth's death to win Sarah back. The cattle rustler from the past returned to expose his lies and destroy his life. Matt had to take care of him. Through buffalo hunts and stampedes in Texas, blizzards on the western plains, knock-down free-for-all, bare-knuckle fights, blazing gun battles, grueling horse chases, and a hangman's noose around his neck, Matt fought for what he wanted. He, Sarah, and John could get what they wanted and find happiness--if Matt's risking all their lives in a desperate gamble paid off.

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