Leash of Faith

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Categories: Erotica/Fetish Erotica/Mainstream
Publisher: loveyoudivine | Date published: 04/02/2010


Brian lives according the tenets of duty, submission and brotherly love. But not exactly in the way his parishioners expect from their pastor... Brian is the new, energetic and popular pastor of a church in southern Louisiana. His elderly parishioners dote on him as if he were one of their grandchildren. What's the problem? He's gay and so far into the closet that the skeletons are complaining of over-crowding. And he has a slave boy whom he has to keep secret. That's not so easy in a small town where everyone knows everybody else. And the parishioners are used to their pastors having an open door policy! How can the Master Pastor maintain his lifestyle in a such a close-knit community and not get run out of town?