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Categories: Historical Fiction
Publisher: Wildside Press | Date published: 02/26/2007


It's 1945 on Avalon, Santa Catalina Island, "The coast of Hollywood." Yachts and fishing boats bob in water clearer than crystal, sunbathers bask on the white sand beaches, and from the legendary Avalon Ballroom, the music of Freddy Martin's Orchestra fills the air. Three beautiful young women prepare to embark upon their life's journeys:

Gerri will be an actress, everyone is sure of that; and Maria a big band singer; and Maggie, the most beautiful of them all, will "wed," not just marry, but triumphantly, resplendently wed--the perfect wife to the perfect man, leading the perfect life.

Avalon follows their fortunes over four decades, their friendships enduring through triumph and heartbreak, as they learn about life, and themselves, and what love really is--and isn't.

Sometimes wishes really do come true!