Montana Rose

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Categories: Romance/Mainstream
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing | Date published: 11/11/2009


Rose McKinney has lived her entire life at the Purple Moon cathouse in St. Louis. When the man she has always considered her father dies and leaves her his ranch in Montana, the Rocking M, she leaves vowing to sell the property and return as soon as possible. Once on the ranch, she learns not only must she stay for one year before she can sell, but also that her father's murder is one mystery she needs to solve before more deaths occur on the Rocking M. Cameron Blake has found refuge on the Rocking M, not only for him but also for his son. His first impression of Rose is that she's someone he wants nothing to do with. It's evident she's a whore and he certainly doesn't need that kind of influence around his thirteen year old son. It isn't until he becomes completely involved in solving the murder of his former boss, that he comes to see Rose in an entirely different light.