Forever Bound

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Categories: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica/Romance
Publisher: Ravenous Romance/Ravenous Romance | Date published: 03/01/2010


When a soldier and a surgeon explore their darkest fantasies, they find that submission can be a gift of the heart... Aaron Chambers is an Air Force pilot and a consummate soldier. He is strong and always in control. John Castle is a surgeon; his intelligence is daunting, as is his success. But when a twist of fate causes John to lose a patient, he finds himself mired in a downward spiral of doubt and loss of control. Aaron's rescue plan is simple... to give his soldier's will and body for one night to John. But hatred-filled eyes watch master and willing slave play, and riddle more than their playground with bullets. It is a fight for survival. It is a fight for love. It is a fight that leaves John and Aaron forever bound to each other...