Barnalby the Grape

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Categories: Fantasy/Science Fiction
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing/Double Dragon Publishing | Date published: 02/22/2010


Are heroes born or made? For Barnalby the Grape, that is not a simple question, as he isn't sure that he is a hero at all.

Orphaned and abandoned at an early age, Barnalby has become thrall to the ancient Tithonus, a burden which both find onerous. Barnalby has only one joy in life: his recurrent dream of a golden palace in the clouds. That is the only dream he has, as his days are filled meeting the unceasing demands of his master.

Tithonus is equally dissatisfied with Barnalby, and finally comes up with a plan to rid himself of his assistant. He charges Barnalby to go on a quest to find and return a feather from the rare and sacred Quetzal bird. Barnalby accepts, if for no other reason than to get away from his demanding, unreasonable master.

Armed only with an ancient map, Barnalby finds himself on a treacherous journey across unfamiliar lands and savage oceans. On the way he must escape the clutches of an evil magician;come face to face with a sea monster; try to save an island nation from a savage dragon; convince a suspicious vice admiral he is not a smuggler; survive one of the most hazardous jobs in a circus; and discover the secret to a hidden maze. If he can succeed, he will truly earn the title of Barnalby the Grape. Even if it's a title he doesn't particularly want.

Barnalby the Grape is a rare fantasy bursting with colorful characters, exotic locations, and exciting adventures. And one you won't want to miss.