An Errand for the Goddess

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Categories: Fantasy
Publisher: Swimming Kangaroo Books | Date published: 01/01/2010


Fire Sorceress Draedreia Ashes is the most powerful person in all of the Twelve Kingdoms, but even she must bow to the wishes of the gods. When the Goddess Brigid summons Drae to serve her on the Other Side, Drae reluctantly leaves her home in Yoshan to travel through the Kingdoms giving humanitarian aid to those who need it so she can prove her worthiness to serve the Blessed Brigid. On her journey, she meets the runaway Prince Nori. Together they follow a crazed king on his mission to Ereshkigal where he seeks to waken the evil Goddess, the Morrigana, from her thousand year sleep. When Drae accidentally ends up releasing the Morrigana, she finds herself in a race against time to stop the Morrigana from destroying the Twelve Kingdoms, all before she, herself, succumbs to the final paralysis of the Sorceress's Sickness and must take the sleeping draught to wake up on the Other Side.

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