The Miller's Son

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Categories: Fantasy
Publisher: Writers Exchange E-Publishing | Date published: 01/29/2010


When gods fight, no mortal wins. The gods of the west, Kronos and Cholas, foresee grave danger to their mortal subjects and choose to protect them from the unmerciful eastern deity, Sibelius. Suspecting that Sibelius intends to raise up a Sorcerer to subjugate the west, the western gods plant early seeds of deliverance. Edward, a simple miller's son, living in a Dukedom with his father, has been taught to read, write, and fight -- three subjects forbidden to commoners, making Edward a criminal almost from birth. When challenged by a knight-in-training, he errs and bests his opponent, sealing his fate in the Dukedom. His father sends him to study at a monastery. During his studies, he learns that his destiny has been planned by gods and aided by adepts. Edward must somehow develop into the man who can guide the west to victory over the eastern invaders.

Also Available from David R. Addleman