Powder Burn

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Categories: Historical Fiction/Mystery/Crime
Publisher: Wonder Audiobooks, LLC/Wonder eBooks | Date published: 02/08/2010


DOUBLE DANGER for Walt Slade, undercover ace lieutenant of the Texas Rangers. He is the man most feared by the owlhoots and drygulchers of the old Texas Border. The sight of this tall lawman with the lightning-fast draw astride his great black horse, Shadow, symbolizes defense of the innocent and the end of reckless careers of lawlessness. Walt Slade trailed a killer from Texas through Mexico, all the way to Tombstone, Arizona--only to find the owlhoot riding at his back. And when he turned to face him he found he was not only up against his prey, but also in a showdown with Wyatt Earp, most famous marshal in the West. Slade had to get his man, but first he had to face death at the hands of Wyatt Earp.

"There's one man I wouldn't want to cross!" So said Wyatt Earp after his first meeting with Walt Slade. He didn't know that he had just threatened the undercover ace of the Texas Rangers, but he realized that he had faced a gunfighter without a flaw, a two-gun killer with perfect coordination of hand and eye and a clear, cold, hairtrigger brain. At that moment Earp knew that Tombstone wasn't big enough to hold both of them--alive!

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