Bodyguard and Other Stories

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Categories: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Publisher: Wonder Audiobooks, LLC/Wonder eBooks | Date published: 01/18/2010


Gabe Lockard had it all--a beautiful wife, lots of money, social connections, and most of all, a great face in a great body. Only problem was, inside that body wasn't Gabe Lockard. The real Gabe Lockard was a wanderer, a dutchman--a zarquil addict, who regularly plays the galaxy's most dangerous tournament just to be encased in another man's anatomy. But even that was a lie. For the truth was that Gabe Lockard wanted his body back. He followed it to the ends of the earth and outer space, playing zarquil to exchange dying bodies for new ones, just so he can make sure no harm comes to it. And so that, when the right moment comes, he can maneuver the impostor into joining him for another deadly game-- Also contains the stories, BODYGUARD, MAN'S BEST FRIEND, WOMAN'S TOUCH, THE MAN OUTSIDE, ONCE A GREECH, TERAGRAM

Also Available from Evelyn Smith