Woodbyrne: The Fallen Forest

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Categories: Fantasy
Publisher: Moo Press, Inc. | Date published: 04/01/2003


The Fallen Forest is James D'Arienzo's first of three books retelling the adventures and lessons learned in the dark forest of Woodbyrne. In The Fallen Forest, young Prince Aaron defies his father's wishes and enters the forbidden forest on an adventure of his own. He soon learns why the forest is forbidden and that his actions and choices have serious consequences. While in the forest, Prince Aaron rescues a young lady named Quinn who is being held captive by Isidore, an evil demon. The rescue and escape lead to a friendship with the peaceful native elves. As the tale unfolds, readers learn with Aaron and Quinn the value of friendship, honor, truth, and family. Author James D'Arienzo mixes fantasy with horror and modern concepts with great battle scenes, engaging dialogue and well developed characters. A thrilling adventure sure to please anyone who enjoyed The Lord of the Rings or the Dark Elf Trilogy.

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