The Prescription Playboy

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: Lyrical Press, Inc. | Date published: 12/21/2009


Huntington has to balance the chemistry of mixing business with pleasure. Huntington Lewis is serious about her work in public relations. After being burnt once, she doesn't want to mix business with pleasure. She's facing a big career challenge when she's invited to salvage pharmaceutical company Med Solutions' public profile. CEO Kevin Carter has made an enemy of a very important FDA inspector. Now Huntington must use all her skills to rescue the dangerously attractive playboy chemist. Trouble ensues for the company over suspicious expiration dates, and with Kevin sinking fast in the 36 to 55 year-old demographic--the women he must please most--Huntington needs all of her skills to win the battle, not only for Kevin, but for their future together. Huntington must put out the fire Kevin started at his company while fanning the flames of a burgeoning desire she's not sure she's ready for. Content Warning: Graphic sexual content.