The Cart Before the Corpse

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Categories: Mystery/Crime/Suspense/Thriller
Publisher: BelleBooks/BelleBooks | Date published: 09/15/2009


A jealous woman? A rival trainer? Or one of his deceptively downhome Mossy Creek neighbors? Someone took famed horseman Hiram Lackland for his last carriage ride, and now it's up to his daughter, Merry Abbott, to pin the tail on the right donkey, crime-wise. Hitch your imagination to Book One of THE MERRY ABBOT CARRIAGE-DRIVING SERIES, set in the world of competitive carriage driving--an elegant yet cut-throat realm in which gorgeously costumed drivers and their magnificently harnessed horses vie for championships in the challenging obstacle course of the show ring. "Then I saw I was kneeling in a pool of blood still seeping into the barn floor from under his head." I nearly collapsed. My father's landlord, Peggy Caldwell, had now gone to the far side of 'Way Too Much Information.' Trying to steady my dizzy brain, I retreated to a very polite mental tearoom and found myself thinking, bizarrely, Poor woman. Must have been terrible for her. Peggy looked me straight in the eyes. "That's when I knew he'd been murdered." Carolyn McSparren is an avid horsewoman and an award-winning romance and women's fiction author who now brings her talent to the mystery genre. She created mystery maven Peggy Caldwell for the long-running Mossy Creek Hometown series, and now, in THE MERRY ABBOTT CARRIAGE-DRIVING SERIES, Peggy joins new Creekite Merry Abbott in solving crimes. Carolyn lives near Memphis, Tennessee, where she owns and shows several carriage horses. Visit her at