A Perfect Symmetry

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Categories: Erotica/Paranormal Erotica
Publisher: Atlantic Bridge/Liquid Silver Books | Date published: 03/22/2009


The battle begun over 3,000 years ago wages on... The struggle between good and evil continues. Brigid and Gabe Kawsantower and Ethan Clark, members of the Terran race, return to America following the disappearing trail of Lord Nolen, a crazed Terran Destroyer. They've foiled his plans to open a gate in Ireland for the demon, Ba'al. They must find Nolen before he succeeds in his plan for world domination as Ba'al's emissary. To assist them toward their goal, they enlist the aid of Terrans in America and Ireland. In Ireland, Dagda, Brigid's father, an ancient Irish Terran Protector, finds allies with Eileen Murray and Casey Aidan, young Irish Terrans of mixed blood. Both Fire Keepers, Eileen had assisted Brigid, Gabe and Ethan earlier and now acts as Dagda's recruiter, seeking Irish Terrans who have forgotten their heritage. Casey is also a Protector, the warrior class of Terrans, and as an orphan, is searching for his roots. He's also fighting to understand his newly awakened attraction to men ... and women. Dagda's greatest ally though is Machnamh--Mach--Mach is one of the pureblood Irish Spirit Keepers, known to modern day Irish as the Sidhe. When Mach meets Eileen and Casey he realizes that in order to heal Casey's torn spirit he must recognize his sexual duality. The three join together in a passionate ménage and discover the Perfect Symmetry needed to achieve harmony and gain greater strength to aid in the fight against Lord Nolen. Lord Nolen has also found minions to help his evil plans. Lorraine Foley is a match for Nolen. An insane, sadistic killer, she dreams of becoming Nolen's consort and the most powerful female in the world. James Macalister, a young gay man, only dreams of being Nolen's one true love and will do anything--even share Nolen with Lorraine in a tortured threesome--if it means that Nolen will keep him by his side. But will their presence help Nolen with his plans or weaken him? In New York City, Gabe calls upon Aviva Shiron to help them fight Lord Nolen. Aviva, a Desert Terran, and, like Ethan, a Terran Singer, is able to control humans and Terrans alike with her music. Gabe and Ethan struggle with their competing love for Brigid. Only when Brigid deciphers an ancient code do they realize that to defeat Nolen they must join together--body, mind and heart--to become the final Perfect Symmetry and destroy Lord Nolen forever.