She's the One

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Categories: Erotica/Paranormal Erotica
Publisher: Changeling Press LLC | Date published: 04/24/2009


Assassin Cass Rogers has a single mission: kill Queen Isolde's cousin to prevent his claim to her throne. She tracks Kirk Raynard to his crappy mansion on the outskirts of a Midwestern town, and she finds him happily ensconced with his werewolf lover, Jaron, and their mate: a pregnant human named Leann. Even though Cass isn't a fan of the antiquated vampire court or its crazy queen, the payment for her services will be immortal life. Better to live as a bloodsucker than to die at twenty-six, all because her stupid human heart is giving out on her. Erick and Tarn are warriors sent by their pack's Tribunal to take out Jaron and the woman carrying his abomination. Erick and Tarn are also lovers, both looking for the female mate who will breed with them and keep their warrior lines going. Cass attacks them as they try to enter the vampire's lair, and she nearly kicks both their asses. They realize they've found a worthy candidate--if she's willing to become werewolf. When Cass suggests they work together to complete the assignment, they agree on one condition: Share a night in their bed...and survive it.